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College Elite Transformed

College Elite started as a vision in a struggling student's mind. What was initially supposed to be an organization formed by a group of friends with like milestones, transformed into a one man team. While in pursuit of their bachelor degree, the student decided that they needed to create a more urgent way to help low income students; without all the requirements requested from similar organizations. The formation of College Elite began!

Raising Funds

College Elite held both online and in person raffles. Themed care packages were hand delivered to the winner by the end of day. They became such a big hit, that they were redesigned to Creative Gestures that could be custom ordered and delivered globally.

College Elite didn't want to drift too far from its original goal of helping students, so the proceeds from the raffles were then distributed to students in the form of cash giveaways.

A year later, College Elite redirected its fundraising to a different source, EVENTS!

This event is a FREE student care package giveaway that takes place every January and August. College Elite has now created a subscription plan, where students can receive packages 4 times monthly if desired.

This event is held at the beginning of each year typically in February or March. Poets from all around compete for the TOP POET title and grand prize.

Additional events can be found on our event page! Participate, become a vendor, or share your events or products in our forum.


Students can earn more through an Elite membership.



-Paid Brand Ambassadorship

-Assistance Forums

Community Involvement

Follow Us

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