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College Elite believes that the cost of housing and transportation, whether on-campus or off-campus,  should not be a barrier to individuals who are interested in tertiary education.

The H.A.A.T.S (Housing and Affordable Transportation Services) Assistance Program assists individuals and families based on their financial need by providing 5%, or all of thier total housing or transportation costs for the requested month.

H.A.A.T.S Assistance Program benefits are not retroactive. If you paid any expenses before receiving your Assistance Program award, you will not receive a refund

How to Apply for Assistance

1. Review program eligibility.

2. Complete both the online Elite member application and the   H.A.A.T.S Assistance Program application

3. Upload all required supporting documentation so College Elite can evaluate your application.

4. Once your supporting documentation is received, College Elite will email you regarding the outcome of your assistance application within 5-10 business days.

5. Once approved fill out the support form

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