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How often can you say that you found a group that gives you FREE things because you're a student? You'll say it often with College Elite. Our primary goal is to alleviate some of the stress accumulated from the difficulties of your college journey. Our Incentives Program includes free care packages, forum Fridays, ambassadorship, giveaways, and more. These programs are a great option for any student needing just a little extra to get them through their week. 

While participating in any of these programs, you'll gain practical knowledge that can be used during your studies and future career. You'll learn organization skills, how to budget and stretch your finances, as well as expanding your communication skills. We're passionate about your college experience and want to make sure that even the small resources make the biggest impact. 

College student receiving her Free college care package.

Restack the Snacks

Free College Care Packages

Request your free care package today. Only a picture of your student ID or proof of enrollment needed. We will ship it straight to your door. After your first request, free care packages are made available during our designated periods (January & August), or by emergency only. 

Get paid to post

Forum Fridays

Post & Get Paid

Sometimes a little cash goes a long way when you're in college! College Elite has started Forum Fridays! Get paid $5 for a single post to our forum!

Student ambassador


Promote & Get Paid

Get paid to do what you online! Promote College Elite on your social media outlets and get paid for your service.

Certain requirements are need to be accepted. 

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