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A College Campus Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break from elementary through high school was always glamorized as the holiday scented with home-cooked meals, engulfed with laughter from friends and family. It was a time of no homework or special assignments; truly relaxing. Then you went off to college.

College Thanksgiving always seems rushed! The week feels like hours. If you are able to return home, depending on your major, it feels like you're in a high position at a major company; always worried about time and assignments that are due. Thanksgiving is hardly a break for you. As you get deeper into your major the less you want to go home during this pumpkin spiced occasion.

I liked celebrating the holiday but I hated when school followed me home. I didn't have the resources that was available on the campus at home so a Dorm Thanksgiving was perfect. Here's some of the things my circle did:

  • Determine Role & Budget

We always looked for ways to save. I mean we were broke college students. We would first determine who would do what to make sure everything was equal. I may be over the sides, Carol may be over the drinks, Vickey & LaDarreon may be over décor, Dominic may be over the main course, etc. We would then shop our rooms first to see what we already had before purchasing that exact thing.

  • Decorate Your Dorm and Residence Hall

You still want to having that festive feeling. You don't have to break your pocket doing so. Use construction paper cutouts, or go to the thrift stores or a dollar store nearby (Hangers of Hope, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Family Dollar, Dollar General, 99Cent Discounts, Dollar Tree, 99Cent Store, etc).

  • Equipment

Microwaves are your best friends. They will serve as your oven and stovetop. Use your dishes that you brought from home or you can buy some at the stores listed above. If you're not wanting to clean dishes, then buy paper or plastic dishes. Utensils can be found anywhere. The dining hall has an unlimited supply of plastic utensils, or you can always grab extra when dining at a local fast food restaurant.

  • Menu

Turkey- This is tricky but can be done. You have 3 options. You can cater the turkey. You can buy fully cooked turkey and only have to heat it. Or you can try cooking it in an air fryer or slow cooker.

Sides- For this, instant is BEST! Instant mashed potatoes only need scalding hot water. I would advise getting the Idaho brand since its already seasoned to taste. Corn, broccoli, and green beans are all sold already cooked in steam bags at Walmart for $1. Mac-N-Cheese and potato salad are already made in the deli/cooked food section. Rolls can be found in the bread section or near the deli section.

Dessert- This is the easiest of them all. Pies can be found already prepared in the dessert section or in the frozen dessert aisle. Cakes are in the dessert section or on the bread aisle.

Drinks- Water is readily available everywhere on campus. We would always have the drink shakers to add to our water because those come 10 to a box. Or, every dorm has a vending machine.

  • Entertainment

We always took a vote on what we wanted to do and how we wanted ours set up. We would have the options of playing holiday music, watching holiday movies or shows, or playing different games. We would either choose a dorm room or have it in a residence common area or the residence lobby. The issue with the lobby or common area is having to transport everything there, having unwanted guest, or abiding by the rules of the common area or lobby (monitored sound, shared tv stations, etc).

  • Attire

We loved dressing up! Even if we were on campus or in the dorm, we always set a theme to get into the holiday. When my circle created these memories our themes were: pajamas, all-white affair or specific colors, classy (dresses, slacks, button-downs), or come as you are.

  • Capturing It All

Photos upon photos upon photos, and occasional videos, are a MUST-HAVE! I can not stress how my circle are still posting and sharing our pictures and videos years later. These are memories that you'll want to have. Whether you outgrow those friendships or if you are still besties for years to come, you can always reminisce on that great experience.

Good luck with the feast, and have a happy Dormsgiving!

Please share your Campus Thanksgiving pictures, videos, and or stories with us in our forum. We look forward to seeing or reading how your experience was!


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