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Restack The Snacks

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since 2016

Students in need of food assistance, personal hygiene products, or school supplies may request assistance. Specifics are ONLY available for Elite Investment members. Non Elite Investment member packages will vary in snacks and supplies. Package requests will be made available at a specific time that will be announced via College Elites social accounts. Reminders of those times will be provided to subscribers via the email provided and SMS if requested. Care packages can be picked up at the designated location provided, also on the social accounts, or can be delivered (free of charge) to students at the address specified in the request form. 

How to Request

1. Subscribe to our site 

2. Go to Membership Packages

3. Scroll down to the second form "Support Request Form"

4. Fill out the form: 

        a. Put 0000 in for "Membership Number"

        b. For "Support Request" check the "Food" box

5. Have your student ID or proof of enrollment ready for the follow up email



College Elite has made it our mission to give back to college students in need. Since 2016, every January and August, College Elite has provided FREE care packages to any college student that has requested online, or has participated in the in-person giveaway. 

If you would like to become a future donor or volunteer for this event, contact us here. 

Receive Monthly Care Packages

Package Delivered

If you like our care packages,  and would like to receive them more than the designated 2 months out of the year, then join our Care Package Subscription. 

With the subscription, you can receive a package every month. 

Send a care package to whomever may need them: student, veteran, loved one, they suit ALL needs. 

Donation Place
Elpedia Roque
Offline/In Person
Feb 2021
Sharon Johnson
Nov 2020
Ashley Garrett
Offline/In Person
Nov 2020
Tyrone Thompson
Nov 2020
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