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A Win Is A Win: Celebrating Small Victories

Student life can become overwhelming! You start to think heavily about grades, opinions of others, if you're meeting your goals, if this is the level you think you should be at. You become consumed by the shortcomings that you forget to recognize the small victories.


You're doing great! You're exactly where you're supposed to be at this moment. Stop stressing, and think about all the milestones and achievements you have accomplished. You have successfully completed a course. You passed an exam. You beat yesterday's goal of studying for an hour without distractions. You're a great multitasker with multiple titles. You deserve all things good to come your way.

Not being recognized by others for your accomplishments can make anyone feel defeated. Not being recognized by yourself can destroy you. Start every day by moving forward with a positive mindset. Doing so will make you more confident about upcoming challenges. It will make the journey easier. Your success starts with you.


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