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Back 2 School Fun Day-School Supply Giveaway Event

Getting prepared for the new school year doesn't have to be hard. College Elite will be taking some of the stress away from school shopping by hosting our 3rd annual Back 2 School event this Saturday. The event will take place at Bergfeld park in Tyler, TX, starting at 12 noon. We hope to give away twice as many school supplies as in the previous two years. Along with the FREE school supplies we will be distributing, we will be doing a backpack bundle raffle, offering an assortment of popsicles to cool down parents while they wait, and entertaining the younger students with our FREE balloon animals by a local artist. We will be accompanied by several local vendors. They will be gracing us with products unique to their crafts, ranging from food to jewelry.

We look forward to all the smiling faces, and hope this year is a great success.

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