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College Applications: 10 Step Checklist

Making the college application process easier and smoother

There are so many pivotal points of the college application process. Everything must be done with perfection and in a timely manner. Overlooking any aspect of the process can result in an application rejection.

Make sure your student is 'College Ready' with our quick 10 step checklist. Have everything you need all in one place. This checklist will keep you organized and prepared throughout the process.

10 Step College Application Checklist

1. Schools Of Interest

Create a list of matched and safety (backup) colleges.

2. Submission Deadlines

Write down both regular and early application deadlines.

3. High School Transcript

Request your high school transcript and midyear grade report (great for early deadlines).

4. ACT | SAT Scores

Send test scores and any other required or recommended test scores (e.g., SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, IB Exams, Admission Test if required).

5. Personal Essay Guide

Download PDF • 748KB

6. Personal Essay

Draft initial essay, proofread it, revise it, proofread again, have others proofread it.

7. Recommendation Letters

Request both personal (e.g., relative, Pastor, mentor, etc.) and professional (e.g., teachers, counselors) recommendation letters. Follow up with a thank you letter to the writers.

8. Supporting Documents

Submit college aid and state aid forms, and any additional requested materials.

9. Submission Details

Submit your FAFSA, write down regular and priority financial aid deadlines, complete college application, make copies of all documents submitted for backup purposes, pay application fee, accept any financial offers.

10. FAQ Or Concerns

Write down all questions and concerns pertaining to your process that may have confused you or that you are unsure of. Ask counselors, mentors and teachers for help regarding your holdups.

Check off things as you complete them to continue to stay organized and on schedule with the tasks completed vs the tasks to-do.

Filling out applications can be overwhelming, but with the checklist, everything can become fairly straightforward.

Don't worry you got this!

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