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Forum Fridays

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Sometimes a little cash goes a long way when you're in college! College Elite has started Forum Fridays! Get paid $5 for a single post to our forum!

You can choose from any of the free categories and make ONE post to it! Then watch for our email to confirm your post. Posts are ONLY valid if completed between 5:00 pm - 5:59 pm CST.

This is for college students ONLY. Please have your ID or proof of enrollment ready when requested. Validation is only required for the first post.

We will read each post for quality and to ensure that it correlates to the category.

Other Sources of Income

College Elite is aware that some course loads doesn’t provide the flexibility to have employment income, and therefore every dollar counts, and $5 a week may not cut it. We're happy to inform you of our other forms of income offered via our social accounts as well as through the website.

1. Ambassador Program

Must have an active following of 5k followers on either Facebook or Instagram

Must do frequent posting

Must do occasional College Elite mentions (min of 4 per month)

If merchandise is provided, timeline posts mentions/tagging is required

If merchandise is bought by the ambassador, 25% will be taken off of the purchase

2. Follow Us Trivia

We will be relaunching this by June 2021. Follow us on Instagram and get quizzed on College Elites history and past events. The first student to answer the question correctly will receive the gift for that month. Prizes range from monetary to physical gifts.

Student ID or proof of enrollment will be required for the winner to receive their prize.

3. Social Media Challenges

Follow us on Instagram or Facebook for our random challenges with free giveaways. These challenges are usually theme specific (i.e. Graduation pics, Halloween costume, Pay it Forward, etc.) and are sometimes open to the public. All details and requirements are posted with the deadline typically days away. Occasionally we may have a random same day, or next day challenge.

4. Website Challenges

You must have the wix app to participate. Challenges are listed on our homepage. Choose the challenge most suitable for your needs. The steps as well as the prize will be listed upon signup.

5. Blog Assistance

College Elite is new to the blog scene. If you're a blogger, have the free time, or just want the experience, this is for you. Get paid $10 per approved post. Approval is based on quality and relevance. This is for college students ONLY. If interested, please contact us via email at


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