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Mom's wear so many titles. 'Student' can be one!

Mom's Returning to College

Time spent away from the classroom can be a kicker for anyone trying to go back. Children added to the equation can be an extra hit. For many moms, time management becomes a concern when trying to balance the at-home life. Often worrying if they will be dedicated enough. For many mothers on their own, receiving a degree can be an important factor that will determine the future stability of their family. Despite the difficulties and challenges that will be faced during the process, the benefits will overshadow them.

You've Made the RIGHT Decision

Moms returning to school has become a rising trend. This allows for moms to increase their income and fulfill both career and personal goals.

Flexibility Is Key

Choosing nontraditional universities that offers flexible schedules, online courses, rolling enrollment and financial aid.

  • Rolling enrollment is when universities offer year-round admission, with applications accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis. The degree program could start at the beginning of any month. No more waiting.

  • Online education can be a game-changer. Moms can complete their studies at home without sacrificing family time or their job. This helps create organization and balance.


For a lot of moms, financial realty becomes the main issue when considering whether to further their education. Should they leave their job (main source of income), and what about childcare? Seek out a school that offers financial aid as an option. Apply for mom grants and scholarships.

Four Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Find Support

  2. Failure Can Become Success

  3. Stay Focused

  4. Your Dedication Will Be Worth It

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