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Recharge: It's Break Time

In our plugged-in culture, we have become the epitome of the phrase "workaholic". While we convince ourselves that more work results in an increase in production, that's quite the contrary. Overworking can actually result in an increase in fatigue. You tend to start feeling both physically and mentally drained, thus undermining your potential to succeed.

“Taking a break can lead to breakthroughs.”

― Russell Eric Dobda

If staying driven and focused is the prime goal to reach your maximum potential, then REMEMBER TO RECHARGE. Get your rest! When you refuse to shut down, the body's natural reaction is to shut down for you. Start prioritizing your health. Start making time for hobbies and social relationships. Try multitasking if you feel that you're not too good with time management and may end up falling behind trying to focus on health. Instead of 3 consecutive hours of studying, do 2 hours of studying and incorporate two 30 min breaks in between. Do NOT underestimate the consequences that resting and staying healthy can have on your academics.


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