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Roommate Compatibility

What questions do you feel are essential?

Starting college is already nerve-wracking enough, only to have to add to it by wondering who you will be living with for the next 6 months. Sometimes the problem solves itself if your dorm mate never shows or if you already happen to know them, but what are the odds of that right! If you do happen to make it to welcoming week and are able to get acquainted before the first-class day, take some time to ask the following questions. These can be a great guideline to help ease or prevent some of the obstacles you could face if you don't ask them before the semester takes off.

  1. What's your major?

  2. What's your class schedule?

  3. Are you in any extracurricular activities?

  4. Are you currently or intend on working? If so, part time or full? Day or night?

  5. Are you a morning person or night person?

  6. Do you need light or noise to sleep or study?

  7. Are you bringing any extra items that you're willing to share (i.e., microwave, tv, iron, mini fridge)?

  8. Do you want to divide chores, have a set cleaning day, or clean our own messes?

  9. Are you ok with guests?

  10. Do you go home on weekends?

  11. Do you have any allergies that I should be made aware of to prevent me from bringing them into our dorm?

  12. Any pet peeves?

  13. What's your preferred room temp?

  14. Do you smoke/drink?

  15. Are you prone to losing your key or ID?

You don't want this to feel like an interrogation, however you don't want to underestimate the importance of roommate compatibility. It's rare where an individual can live reasonably with a complete stranger. Sometimes colleges can perfect their roommate selections, and sometimes the selection can be very, very WRONG! Getting to know your roommate can help make or break your upcoming semester, so stay ahead by asking general non-invasive questions pertaining to the dorm. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!

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