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All I Want For Christmas-College Wishlist

We've all found that the typical 'wants' can quickly turn into 'needs' once we enter the college world. As a high school student, headphones were for mere entertainment. In college however, headphones become an essential study tool. Christmas is nearing, and this is the perfect time to put some of those MUST HAVES on the list. We've compiled a list of random things to gift a college student that are both practical and affordable.

Gift Cards

These are ALWAYS the safest option of them all. This allows the student to pick and choose the gift that they want themselves. You have a variety of options to choose from (i.e., restaurant, store, or a visa gift card serving as a cash substitute).


This is at the top of the MUST HAVE list. This is convenient and can be used in several different ways for the college student. For the student who dislikes going to the library this perfect for on the go. It can serve as a tv, radio, game, and phone (i.e., facetime or calling apps).

Printers & Extra Ink

Printers can sometimes get costly on campus or in their surrounding community. These are great for printing off any assignments or for organizing notes.


This is the perfect gift for an on-campus student. Backpacks are essential to the college life. They are not only used for carrying books and supplies, but also for gym clothes for the students who like working out.


What better way to help your college student stay on top of things than to get them the gift that keeps giving, time management in a book format! Planners are great for keeping track of assignments, tasks, notes and goals.

Flash Drives

This is the 2nd SAFEST option to also get your student. These provide the safest storage space for students to store lecture notes, term papers, and other important files and assignments.

Mini Fridge

This is a definite MUST HAVE for on-campus students. This allows them to have those needed leftovers and snacks to function throughout the week.

Reusable Dishes & Utensils

Some students may not have the time to always wash dishes, but these will definitely save them on having to constantly spend on disposable dishes. Be sure to get the microwave safe dishes and utensils for longevity.

Alarm Clock

Who doesn't need a bit of assistance after pulling all night study sessions? Keep your student on schedule by investing in their time reminder.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This is perfect for the college student taking online classes. Or, if the student hate headphones and prefer listening to music out loud while studying alone or with a group, they'll absolutely love this. Bluetooth speakers are great computer, smartphone and tablet accessories.

Charging Stations

These allow students to charge multiple items at once. It's very convenient and helps to keep things organized.

Shower Caddy

This is also a MUST HAVE for the students with shared bathrooms. This simple gift is vital to helping the student with completing everyday hygiene routines. This compartmentalized organizer allows for all toiletries to be carried into the showers and with holes to drain collected water.

Desk Organizer

For the students who absolutely love staying organized this is their go-to gift. These offer compartments to store office supplies without utilizing too much space.

Desk Lamp

These can be life savers for any type of student. This gift is perfect for those late-night study sessions when they have a dormmate or others at home.


This is perfect for the student keeping up with healthy choices or the student that is on the go. It doesn't take up too much space which is great for students in the dorms or small apartments.

Coffee Maker

College can get STRESSFUL! Students who rely heavily on caffeine to manage their day-to-day activities would absolutely love this gift

Water Bottles

This is a great gift for any type of student (i.e., on-campus or off-campus). Hydration is a MUST for both mental and physical health.

If we missed any additional MUST HAVES, please feel free to add them to the comment section.


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